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    Certificate in Accounting & Management Skills (CAMS)  
    -  KASNEB

    Certificate in Business Management  - KNEC

    Certificate in Business Administration   - KNEC

    Certificate in Accountancy - KNEC

    Certificate in Banking & Finance       - KNEC

    Certificate in Computer Studies       - KNEC

    Certificate in Project Planning & Management

    Certificate in Human Resource Management

    Certificate in supply Chain Management

    Certificate in Information Communication Technology




    Accounting Technicians Diploma         -KASNEB

    Diploma in Credit Management  
    – KASNEB

    Diploma in Accountancy - KNEC

    Diploma in Business Management  - KNEC

    Diploma in Business Administration  - KNEC
    Diploma in Banking and Finance   
    - KNEC

    Diploma in Project Planning & Management

    Diploma in Human Resorce Management

    Diploma in SUpply chain Management / Procurement

    Diploma in Information Communication Technology



    Certified Public Accountants (CPA)             – KASNEB

    Certified Credit Professional (CCP)           – KASNEB

    Certified Investment & Financial Analyst   KASNEB

    Certified Secretaries –KASNEB

    Association of Chartered Certified Public Accountants (ACCA) – ACCA - UK


    One may also contemplate a career in Accountancy itself, either in the profession, ie preparing, auditing and interpreting the accounts of clients; acting as their financial advisor, or as a chief-accountant directing the accounting function in an organisation. Whatever your future ambitions might be, the CPA course is valuable.